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Nosey Little Hairs!

There are a few inevitable and unfortunate changes that happen to our bodies as we age. Some can be controlled, while others are embraced as things to live with.

Not to be “Nosey”, but lets talk about the problem staring you straight in the face. NOSE HAIR is a hairy issue that can be controlled. These pesky little nose hairs with a growth rate of their own, hang long and low outside our noses, waving to every passerby within a 100 foot radius. If you're personally not affected with natures extreme need to capture airborne particles that enter through our nasal cavity, I’m sure you’ve witnessed "bats in the cave” more than once in our life. As an onlooker I can confidently say that the experience is…….Gross! And more importantly, Distracting.

The good news is that there are options on battling these bristles, allowing you to save face.

~Removal Methods~

SHAVING: While shaving does get rid of the Hanging out Hair, this method leaves behind an itchy and irritating five o'clock shadow. We’ve all seen the constant nose scratcher who can’t keep from continuously rubbing his nose for relief.

PLUCKING: I’ve seen plenty of T-Shirt’s giving “Real Men” credit, but I’ve yet to see one that says, “Real Men Pluck”. Just the thought makes my eye water, set aside the actual painful torture! NO thank you!

WAXING: Which leads us to the waxing method which is rarely, if ever, considered. Your first thought may be - "OUCH!” But contrary to the image going through your mind right now, it really is NOT painful. Waxing is by far the most effective and least painful option available. Any discomfort in extracting these nasal brushes, is experienced for only a second. That’s right. One second of swift pull leaves that entry way soft and smoother than baby’s feet. This eliminates the itchy regrowth caused by shaving, allowing the hair to grow back sporadically and thinner in as much time as a month.

Who can’t benefit from a month of well groomed nostrils. It’s- Breathing made Easy. Another benefit of waxing is it allows better air flow that is best noticed during sleep. A client who regularly seeks treatments has seen tremendous results with sleep apnea from waxing.

The benefits of waxing your nose definitely outweigh any minimal discomfort.

Why don’t you join the many others who chose to gain control of this Hairy Issue.

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