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Horrors of the MASCARA BLOB!!

Don't you just hate it when you finally get your eyeshadow perfect, both eyes match and all that's needed to finish off your beautiful make-up is mascara, AND THEN.........You blob your perfect eyeshadow with mascara!!!

Emergency: You turn to momma's "beauty tricks toolkit", the good ole Lick-n-Fix. Removing your oops with a wet Q-tip, trying not to smear mascara over your work of art. But as we've all experienced, you do.....and its only corrected with a Redo. You get it all off, reapply, only to realize that now your eyes don't match. SO Frustrating!!!!

Don't feel bad, the most experienced make-up artist will encounter the blob on occasion. The difference is we rejoice in knowing an amazing mascara blob removal technique, which I'll share with you today. Believe me, it's quick, easy and will keep your beauty work intact.

STEP 1: Relax and remain calm!

STEP 2: Make sure you've accomplished Step One.

STEP 3: Let it dry. Yes, it sounds counterproductive, but continue on. Refer to #1 if needed. (If you've been working on #1 & #2, You should be close to completing #3)

STEP 4: With a DRY Q-tip, press on the mascara, twist gently, then dust off.

There it is. A few quick and easy steps to correct a make-up problem that has plagued us women for decades.

Stay tune for more of my professional Tips, Tricks & Surprises delivered to your inbox!

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