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Behind My Passion

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Helloo Friends,

Roberta Garcia

             In addition to many adversities, I, like many, struggled with confidence and self esteem growing up.  I was exposed to an environment which didn’t foster having dreams, nor did I have support for achieving anything more than just surviving.  Disregarding the hand I was dealt and looking past my many obstacles, I had a innermost desire to do more and be more that my current situation.   

             I began a journey of personal investment and transformation.  It was imperative that rid myself of all the was done to destroy me and replace it with love.  As a result, I began to experience the power of confidence and determination that fueled me to continue dreaming and achieving.  

             No greater was my motivation to better myself (beyond my circumstances) more evident, than when I became a mother.  Not only did I want to be a better person for myself, but a better mother for my children.  After having two wonderful sons, God then blessed me with a daughter.  I knew that I wanted her to feel beautiful and confident and not experience what I had.  I took the opportunity to invest in her self esteem daily while grooming her hair.  I made sure she was just as beautiful on the inside as she looked on the outside.  I admired her confidence that resulted from her knowing she was beautiful.    

Thats when God gave me the vision and mission for Helloo Beautiful Me. 

             I assure you that my journey hasn't been easy, nor is it complete, but I do know that when you do what is possible, God will take care of the impossible. 

             It only takes one tiny seed of confidence to make a great impact in someone’s life.  The results are transforming.  

             Let me help you experience for yourself what it feels to be a beautiful, confident, strong and truly happy individual.  

You’ll spring out shouting….. “Helloo Beautiful Me”!





Ana Teran Cruz

         Hello I’m Ana,  I’ve been passionate about hair and make up since I was in the 6th grade. Whenever any of my friends or family needed a confidence boost, they came to me. Nothing made me happier than to style my favorite people. 


         I was blessed to be given the opportunity to earn my license in Cosmetology while in High School. I have had a various adventures in the industry but working at Helloo Beautiful Salon has been my favorite adventure so far.


         The same passion I had with my friends and family building confidence and is the same passion and love I bring behind the chair with my clients, helping them express their personalities through their style. 

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